Natural Ingredients to Make Natural Body Care Products

natural body care

Today, natural body care products are widely sought. This is because many people are aware of how chemical stuff could hurt their bodies inside and out. On the other hand, these products can be made on your own using safe materials. However, some people have no idea how to make those things. This is why you need to read this article.

Body care recipe hacks

If you want to make natural beauty products, you may need to prepare several things in the first place. These things can be used for multiple recipes. Even if it may cost more at first, it will save you money later especially if you use it in the long run. For an amazing face skin, you can give honey massage during your shower time. Make sure you use warm water and then apply honey on your face. After 30 minutes, rinse the honey with lukewarm water and end it with cool water. 

Warm water opens your pores while the cool one closes it. It is safe to use a honey mask every day. On the other hand, if you want to make natural body care products that could remove oil from your hair, you can use white vinegar. You will need to mix white vinegar with distilled water and pour it on your hair after you are done conditioning. To create a fresh smell, feel free to use an essential oil like peppermint, orange, lemon, or lavender. It is another way to detox your hair.

On the other hand, if you are up for a hair conditioner, blend coconut milk with avocado and put it directly on your hair. After 30 minutes you can rinse it. If your hair is the oily type, baking soda will help you to normalize the oily hair.

Shea Butter

When it comes to making natural products to take care of your body, shea butter is one of the things you cannot miss. Besides its earthy smell, shea butter nourishes the skin at the best level. Evidence showed that shea butter improved eczema.  Mixing it with coconut oil will make an effective topical treatment for eczema. You can use shea butter for lotion, face cream, diaper cream, and so on. It also can prevent stretch marks and anti-aging as well.

Coconut oil

Organic coconut oil is great for cooking and lotion. However, some people are a bit sensitive to coconut oil. If you are also sensitive to this substance, you can use organic beef tallow mixed with essential oil. This will create a nice moisturizer.

Arrowroot powder

In the kitchen, Arrowroot helps to thicken sauces. On the other hand, you can add arrowroot powder to make deodorant, dry shampoo, diaper cream, baby powder, and many more. It works similarly like cornstarch but it is no GMO so you do not need to worry for sure. However, some people may find it irritating for their skin. You need to check it with your skin in the first place. And these are ingredients for natural body care products.

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