Exercise During Period: Dos and Don’ts

exercise during period

Exercise during period has become a scary thing many women keep in their mind. They also believe that it would be the most tiring yet painful time of their life to get in shape. This is why women tend to skip their workout days during their periods for so many reasons. However, you do not need to.

The Best Things of Exercise During Period

Periods are giving different effects on women’s bodies and minds. According to research, doing exercise during these days will help to ease the symptoms away. If PMS symptoms make you rage without reason, exercise will help you to get rid of it.  Aerobic exercise is recommended for this aim. Other than that, the endorphin level in your body is rising because exercise produces those hormones. It improves your mood and kills the pain without using any drugs in the first plain. 
Uncomfortable periods could be slightly relieved. On the other hand, cramps, back pain, and headache due to menstrual cycles can be alleviated with exercise.

The Best Exercises During Menstrual Period

Talking about exercise during period, there are several exercise types you can do that will not make you suffer more. Other than that, women have a thing in their bodies that need to be taken care of. Light cardio like walking and low-intensity aerobics are great for menstrual exercise. According to studies, the human’s lungs work much better during periods. Light cardio is the best thing to do during your monthly routines.

If you are into strength training, you can also do this workout as well but make sure the volume is lower than when you are not in periods. Flow sessions are good options as well. Meanwhile, yoga and pilates are also recommended for those who want to exercise during periods. Those two exercises could ease up the symptoms such as muscular soreness, breast tenderness, and cramping.

What to Avoid

However, you need to make adjustments to your exercise. It does not mean you need to stop the routines but you just need to take care of the volume and intensity. Women can exercise as they like but do not do it too hard. Exertion would be pretty high and it is better to cut back intense training. Also, if you feel very tired during the exercise, you better stop directly. Generally, your body during periods needs more time to recover. More than anything, exercise is a good way to enjoy your period.


Exercises and defining it as a routine would give tons of benefits to your mind and body. Even if you are on periods, you should not stop your routines because there is no scientific reason until today. On the other hand, exercises help you to ease up the symptoms. The main things you must keep in mind include adjusting the intensity and stop immediately when you feel tired and fatigued. During periods, you need extra time to recover and take your time to honor it.
So, this is the exercise during period you can do.

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